Space Voyage

Space Voyage 1.2

Space voyage is a great arcade game with a space scenario
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Space voyage entertains you with a space ship that travels searching for different energy balls and bonus of energy. In the main screen you will find an option section for the configuration of basic characteristics as, special effects volume, music volume, mouse speed, voices, tips and 5 different types of balls.
This game will keep you interested while it challenges you with new goals, during the game you will be able to gain 9 different trophies, wich names are the same as the planets in the solar system. All you need in order to control your space ship is your mouse, and for spinning the ring that catches the energy balls, all you need are the mouse buttons.
The objective of the space voyage is to recollect as much energy as you can and, in order to do so, you will need to catch energy balls, but be sure to catch them in similar colors and symbols. Other things you must consider in order to raise your score and reach different levels, is to rescue astronauts, to destroy UFO`s, to make combos, max combos and increase your accuracy.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Simple and easy to play


  • The story and production is very basic
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